Pug Lendl – Infant


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Fabric: 100 % cotton

Print: highly durable screen print

Care: washing temperature 40°C

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Again…This story is based on my childhood. I used to play tennis with my wooden palestra since I was 3 years old. Those days I didn’t enjoy it that much because I was so in love with horses and dogs which were close by the tennis courts. That time I rather ran away to animals, climbing over mulberry trees. I preferred to spend my time with horses and my best friend’s pug than to play tennis or to watch best video shots of famous tennis players like Ivan Lendl or John McEnroe. But now I’m glad that I grew up on tennis courts to have experienced all of that. Over there I spent my whole childhood and teenage years – that means the first troubles, first cigarettes (smoking behind the bushes), first matches, first losses and wins!

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Black, White

Infant size

12-18 months, 18-24 months


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